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Burban Sharks

Kids Thermal Gloves

Kids Thermal Gloves

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Our children's hands are sensitive especially during the winter season. That's why we want them to protect even their hands from cold and wind!

Children experience their environment with their hands - even in bad weather! Allow them this experience without worries!

With BURBAN'S Thermal gloves for children, their hands can protect little from moisture, wind, and frost, while your children can move freely and feel everything.


WARM & BREATHABLE: The special inner lining keeps little hands nice and warm all winter long. The outer layer is made of durable, thick nylon. This material prevents cold air from entering. However, enough air gets to the outside, which prevents sweating.
These features make our BURBAN'S Thermal Gloves excellent companions for bike tours, soccer games, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.

NON-SLIP & FLEXIBLE: The practical silicone coating on the palm of our BURBAN'S Thermal Gloves ensures that nothing slips out of your hands, even in wet and frosty conditions. At the same time, the elastic and surprisingly thin fabric ensures that the freedom of movement of our little explorers is not restricted.


Material: Nylon
Colors: Black, Grey, Pink Green
Size: S, M, L

Kids Size   Small Medium Large
Palm Width (cm)  5-55 5.5-6 6-6.5
Hand Circumference (cm) 13-14  14-15 15-16
Weight (KG) 14-17 17-20 20-23
Height (cm)  106-112 112-118 118-124
Total length (cm)  15.5 16.5 17.5
 Age group (year old) 4-6  7-8 9-12 

Package Includes:

1 x BURBAN'S Thermal Gloves- for Kids


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