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Summer Air Cool Ice Silk Blanket

Summer Air Cool Ice Silk Blanket

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Sleeping in extreme heat and waking up in sweat is a thing of the past.

Tired of suffering extreme heat at night, sweating, or even waking up every half an hour because you can't sleep? Try our Summer Air Cool Ice Silk Blanket and discover how deep sleep feels, without even a single drop of sweat.

A healthy life starts with a good sleep and you deserve one. This cooling blanket is made of 100% silk which brings a refreshing feeling that you have never experienced before while sleeping. It creates a light cooling sensation, which allows heat to dissipate more effectively. No more AC needed or a fan that consumes a lot of electricity.


Advanced Cooling Technology: A-side is made of cooling fiber (40% PE, 60% Nylon). This cooling fiber helps you stay cool by absorbing body heat on hot summer nights. Q-max> 0.43 (normal is only 0.2), help for night sweats and hot sleeper to keep cool and dry all night. The B-side is made of 100% cotton, soft, breathable, and skin-friendly. The ideal bedding for hot sleepers, night sweat, and hot flashes

Great Sleep Experience: This Bed blanket is the perfect combination of warmth and coolness. On one side is Cooling-fabric, which helps to dissipate sweat, no sticky or sultry feeling that keeps you cool and dry during a hot summer night. And the touch is soft and smooth like silk. While the other side is made of 100% natural cotton that offers a warmth effect in the spring/autumn/winter. It is safe for sensitive skin, kids, or pets

Portable & Versatile: The cool blanket is lighter than the quilt and comforter. It is small and lightweight and can be carried wherever you go, such as in-office, on airplanes, trains, cars, ships,s and in homes. It is very hot in summer, you can prepare a blanket for yourself and your family, so you can avoid turning on the air conditioner to save on electricity bills. If you have pets, you can buy a blanket, I believe your dog will like it very much. It is also very suitable for the top layer

Easy to Clean & Durability: These cooling summer blankets can be hand & machine washable. We recommend placing your blanket in a laundry bag to avoid tangles and damage. After washing, please hang it vertically on a hanger and dry it in a cool ventilated place. DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE DRYER


Material: PE, Nylon
Fabric Type:100% Cotton
Colour: Green, Grey, Pink
Size: 150x200cm, 200x230cm

Package Include:

1 x Summer Air Cool Ice Silk Blanket

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